New Construction

Why Work With A REALTOR®?

Top 14 Reasons To Use A REALTOR@ For New Home Construction

  1. The builder representative only represents the builder, and their job is to save the builder money, not the buyer.
  2. The buyer’s agent is paid out of the builder’s overall marketing budget, not the house budget. It does not increase the price of the home to use representation.
  3. The agent knows where the most effective negotiation points are to save you the most amount of money, as each builder has different offerings.
  4. The agent is a builder expert, knowing when something isn’t right or done well.
  5. An agent will make sure nothing was forgotten or missed in the specific customization of your home.
  6. An agent watches the building process, and makes sure all goes smoothly.
  7. An agent will make sure everything put in the house is the latest year model, not the previous year to get rid of inventory.
  8. Builders often have phrases such as “up to 8 inches of insulation.” An agent will fight for you to make sure you get the most out of what is in the contract and agreed upon.
  9. An agent knows what is normal, and what is not normal, and is obligated to tell you the truth.
  10. An agent is contracted to represent you. Builder representatives are sales people, not REALTORS®. They are not bound by a code of ethics or licensing standards.
  11. An agent is knowledgeable about the appropriate times for independent inspections are. A builder will never offer a home inspection outside of the basic required inspections.
  12. An agent will take care of all required paperwork, saving you time and hassle.
  13. Each builder has their own contract, which is different from the state regulated contract. An agent will be able to look through the contract to make sure you are protected.
  14. Having an agent represent you gives you peace of mind that an expert is working FOR YOU for no extra expense, rather than you trying to do it yourself.


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